Dog Harnesses for Medium Dogs - No Pulling, Easy Walking

Dog Harnesses for Medium Dogs - No Pulling, Easy Walking

Looking for a dog harness for your medium-sized pooch? Check out our top picks for harnesses that will make walking your dog a breeze! From no-pull harnesses to adjustable options, we've got you covered.

How to Train Your Dog to Use a Harness

You may want to train a dog to use a harness if you have a dog. A harness can be very helpful in keeping your dog safe and under control, especially if it is strong or large. Here are some tips on how to train your dog to use a harness:
1. Put the harness on your dog while it is relaxed, such as when it is resting or lying down. Fasten the harness securely but not too tightly.
2. Let your dog get used to wearing the harness by walking around with it on for short periods. Do not try to do anything else while the dog is wearing the harness, such as pulling on the leash or asking it to perform tricks.
3. Begin training your dog with simple commands such as "sit" or "stay." As your dog masters these commands, you can begin adding activities such as walking or running while wearing the harness. Make sure that you praise and reward your dog for responding correctly to commands while wearing the harness.
4. If your dog seems uncomfortable or resistant to wearing the harness at any point during training, take a break and try another day again. Be patient and consistent with training, and eventually, your dog will become accustomed to using the harness

The Best Harnesses for Medium Dogs Who Pull

Dogs who pull on the leash are not only frustrating, but they can also be dangerous. A well-fitting harness is a key to teaching your dog not to remove and can make walks much more enjoyable for both of you. Here are our top picks for the best harnesses for dogs who pull.
The Freedom No Pull Harness is one of the most popular anti-pulling harnesses on the market. It features a patented control point that puts pressure on your dog's chest and discourages pulling. The front clip also allows you to redirect your dog's attention if he starts to hurt.
The SENSE-action No Pull Harness is another excellent option for dogs who pull. This harness has a unique design that evenly distributes pressure across your dog's chest and back, making it more comfortable for him to wear. It also has a built-in leash attachment that helps prevent your dog from getting tangled up in the leash while walking.
If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, try the PetSafe Easy Walk Harness. This harness works similarly to the Freedom No Pull Harness, with a front clip that helps discourage pulling behaviour. It's also adjustable so you can find the perfect fit for your dog, and it comes in various colours and sizes.

Stop Your Medium Dog from Pulling with These Training Tips

As a dog owner, you likely want your furry friend to be well-behaved. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. It can be frustrating and even dangerous if your medium dog is pulling on walks. But there's no need to worry - with some training; you can stop your medium dog from pulling once and for all. Here are some tips:
First, start by teaching your medium dog to heel. This will ensure they stay by your side during walks instead of running off or getting ahead of you. You can do this by luring them with treats or a toy - every time they walk beside you without pulling, give them a reward. With enough practice, they'll learn that staying close to you is the best way to get what they want.
Another effective method for stopping your medium dog from pulling is called the "choke collar." This type of collar tightens around their necks when they pull, which is an unpleasant consequence of unwanted behaviour. However, it's important only to use this technique under supervision - never leave your dog unattended while wearing a choke collar, as it could cause serious injury if misused.
If you're struggling to get your medium dog to stop pulling on walks, don't despair - with a bit of patience and consistent training, you'll eventually see results. In the meantime, consider using one of these methods to help end the problem once and for all.